What to do After an Auto Accident

What to do After an Auto Accident

What to do After an Auto AccidentCar wrecks aren't something that people ever plan on getting into, but they happen, and all too often. Knowing what to do after a wreck, no matter how major or minor, can save time, money and sometimes people's lives. If you're involved in any sort of a car accident be sure to take the following steps to ensure all aspects of the incident are properly dealt with.

Identify Injuries

Once the dust settles, check yourself for any injuries. This includes minor cuts or bruises. If you notice any sort of pain it's best to stay as still as you can to prevent the injury from getting worse until paramedics arrive. If you believe that you are OK you should make an effort to check on your passengers and the occupants of any other cars involved in the wreck. If it is obvious an ambulance is necessary, or if one is requested, dial 911 right away.

Call the Police

Whether or not there are any injuries, it's a good idea to contact the police so that you have the opportunity to file a police report, which is beneficial to your insurance company. A police presence will also ensure that people involved don't leave the scene of the accident before it is legal and safe to do so.

Collect Evidence

Using your phone's camera you can collect several pieces of evidence. The information you gather will help your insurance company as they process your claim. Evidence can include photographs of the accident scene, written witness statements and the police report you filed.

Call your Insurance Company

Prior to leaving the accident scene, contact your insurance carrier to ensure you're in compliance with their methods of filing a claim. They may have certain regulations that you need to follow in order to do so. When it is convenient, take the collected evidence to your insurance carrier's office for processing.

Locate a Great Auto Body Repair Shop

Your insurance will likely provide you with several suggestions about where to go for auto body repair. However, where you bring your car or truck for repair isn't up to your insurance, it's up to you! If you're looking for quality auto body repair in Cleveland tell your insurance agent you want to take your vehicle to iGear Auto Body & Frame. Our team of expert technicians will return your car to its pre-accident condition, or better. Give us a call at (216) 206-7604 to request a free estimate for superior collision repair in Parma, Parma Heights & Cleveland today.

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