Consider these 5 Classic Custom Paint Jobs for Your Car

Consider these 5 Classic Custom Paint Jobs for Your Car

Getting a new paint job? Use these four tips to keep it looking greatA new custom paint job can bring back the excitement of driving your car. From flames to fades to racing stripes, there are many options that can give your vehicle an eye-catching appearance. And for company trucks and vans, a custom paint job can draw attention to your logo, helping to turn your vehicles into mobile billboards. Here's a look at five ideas for custom paint jobs.


Flames are a classic choice for old-school hot rods. Bright orange and red flames offer a vintage look. But you might also consider "ghost flames," which create an understated coolness with their darker colors.

The Fade

With the fade, a highly-skilled technician will complete a paint job that seamlessly transitions from one color to another. While the fade is often done from front to back, it can also be done top to bottom.


A pearlescent paint job doesn't just reflect light, but refracts it. This will change the color of the car depending on the angle it's seen from.

Racing Stripes

If you drive a classic American muscle car, then you might consider racing stripes as a way to create an appearance that is both timeless and powerful. A classic racing stripe style is to paint two thick stripes down the center length of the car.

Metallic Paint

Metallic paint includes a small amount of powdered metal, which---when uniformly applied to a vehicle---will provide a sparkling coat.

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Posted April 11, 2020

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