6 Ways to Keep Your Paint Job Looking Beautiful

6 Ways to Keep Your Paint Job Looking Beautiful

For your vehicle to continue looking sharp, it's important that its paint job remains in great shape. To protect your paint job, there are some easy measures you can take. Here's a look at six tips for protecting your vehicle's paint job.

Use Proper Washing Materials

If you use just any old rag to wash your vehicle, it could be abrasive and scratch your paint. It's best to wash with synthetic microfiber towels that are designed for this task. Also, you should use soaps that are meant specifically for washing cars.

Wax with Caution

When waxing you'll want to carefully follow the product instructions. You should be particularly careful about removing all debris from your car's surface before waxing. Otherwise, scratching could result.

Park in Shade

By parking in the shade, you can prevent the sun's UV rays from damaging your paint. While out and about, it's best if you can park in a garage, or at least on the shady side of the street. At home, you'll ideally be able to make room in your garage to regularly park your car in it.

Park Away from Other Vehicles

As you're out running errands, it's understandable if you want to take that spot close to the store's entrance. But usually the front of the lot is most crowded, which means that the person next to you is liable to open their door directly into yours, potentially damaging your paint.

Spot Cleaning

By keeping an on-the-go cleaning kit in your car, you can quickly clean up messes as they occur, such as bird droppings and tree sap.

Avoid Automatic Car Washes

The brushes in automatic car washes tend to collect dirt and other debris. When this dirt doesn't thoroughly rinse away, it can scratch the next vehicle that comes through.

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Posted: July 31, 2020

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