What are common causes of car scratches?

What are common causes of car scratches?

It can be a very deflating feeling when you walk up to your car and notice that its paneling has been scratched up. Car scratches are not always caused by an obvious culprit, such as a collision. Rather, they could be a result of various causes, from improper washing materials to kicked-up rocks. When your vehicle has been scratched, you'll want to promptly visit a reputable body shop for the repairs. If you wait long, the scratches could allow rust to take hold. Here's a look at five common causes of car scratches.


Oftentimes, other vehicles on the roadway will send pebbles flying up into the air. These little rocks are then liable to chip windshields and scratch paint. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do to avoid flying rocks. Though, you could potentially reduce this risk by not driving behind big trucks.

Incorrectly Washing/Waxing

When washing your car, it's best not to use any old piece of cloth, which could be abrasive and cause scratching. Rather, it's better to use synthetic microfiber towels that are specifically designed for such usage. And you'll want to use automotive industry-approved soaps, rather than dish soap. When waxing, make sure there is absolutely no debris on the car. Otherwise, you could end up scratching your paint.

Automatic Car Washes

In automatic car washes, the brushes can accumulate dirt from other vehicles. Oftentimes, this dirt doesn't completely rinse off between customers and can actually scratch up your paint as the brushes rub against your paneling.


It's usually pretty obvious when a car has been intentionally scratched or “keyed.” Because of the length and depth of such scratches, they can be more difficult and costly to repair.


Sometimes, without really thinking about it, we'll lean back against our vehicles and shift our posture a little bit. In such instances, buttons and studded belts can potentially scratch up the paint.

If you need scratch repair, be sure to get in touch with a reputable shop. For car scratch repair in Cleveland and Parma, OH, contact the experts at iGear Auto Body & Frame at (216) 206-7604. You can give us a call to request a free estimate or use our easy online estimating tool!

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Posted: May 30, 2020

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