Our Full Range of Auto Body Repair Services in Parma, Parma Heights & Cleveland, OH

Our Full Range of Auto Body Repair Services in Cleveland, OH

Auto Body Repair

Auto Body Repair ServicesAt iGear Auto Body and Frame we repair your vehicles after an accident or collision. Our service repairs dents caused by weather, vehicles, objects, or people. We can replace broken shattered bumpers, doors, windshields, and wheels. When your frame is damaged, we have the machinery to straighten it out so you can drive it again. We paint cars completely or just touch up the area where the damage occurred. We clean the inside and outside of your vehicle completely. This is called detailing, another service that we offer.

Our services include fixing the body of damaged sports cars, SUV's, trucks, vans, sedans, crossovers, hybrids, and more. We stand behind the quality of our work.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent RepairPaintless dent repair removes the dents and scapes from vehicle panels without having to paint. It is less expensive than repairing doors and bumpers that need to be spray painted afterwards. Our staff can remove the damage from the aluminum or steel panels of the vehicle using a safe and professional technique. Your damaged vehicles will look like new when we finish. Paintless dent repair can be used for weather related accidents, when people accidently bang into your car, or you hit a curb, fence or wall.

We can remove several dents from doors at one time and bumpers on many types of vehicles. Our staff works quickly to get you driving again.


Vehicle Detailing ServicesDetailing is cleaning the inside and outside of your vehicle thoroughly. Our technicians clean the upholstery, leather, plastic, or vinyl of the interior, vacuum the carpets, and clean the interior cabin. Sometimes we steam clean to remove odors and clean carpets with tough stains. At iGear we clean the exterior of the vehicle too. We wash, wax, and apply a protective coating to the paint, clean the windows, and the wheels. Sometimes, we repair minor dents or scratches to the body or wheels.

Our staff uses special cleaners for leather interiors. Detailing keep your vehicle looking like new and protects it from outside elements.

Auto Painting

Auto Painting ServicesAt iGear we have the technology to match the paint on your car, truck, van or SUV exactly. We do large and small paints jobs from touching up scratches to a complete makeover. First we repair the surface and prepare it for spray painting first. We add sealer to provide a coat between the old and new layer of paint.

Using our state-of-the-art technology, we apply paint that perfectly matches the color and style of your vehicle. After the paint dries we apply a coat that protects it from weather and further damage. Our professional paint job will make your vehicle look new again.

Windshield Repair

Windshield Repair ServicesSmall cracks and chips can be repaired on your windshield before they become more serious problems. The cracks should be less than six inches and not located near a camera. Less than three chips or dings in the windshield is easy to repair. Repairing the windshield is less expensive than replacing an entire windshield. Our repairs are fast it takes about 1 hour or less. Damage from accidents, storms, or weather to your windshield may mean you need to replace it.

Large cracks often cannot be fixed and require a new windshield for your car. Our staff replaces front and back windshields which are typically covered by standard auto insurance. Improvement in glass technology guarantee our windshields are well-made and safe.

Wheel Repair

Wheel Repair ServicesOn the road, and in accidents wheels become damaged. You hit a curb, another car, a gas pump and bend the rim, scratch the wheels, and lose air in the tires. We have wheel repair for bent rims, scratched surfaces, and dents on all kinds of wheels. Our technicians remove rust, dents, and scratches so the wheels on your car, truck or SUV looks brand new. We have specialized equipment that returns bent rims to their round shape.

Repairing your wheels is less expensive than replacing them. When the damage is too severe, we have a variety of replacement wheels for all types of vehicles.

Frame Repair

Frame Repair ServicesWhen your car or vehicle frame becomes damaged it is often hard or impossible to drive. We have machinery that can aligns and straightens bent and dented frames. Most frames when damaged can be fixed. On newer cars some have crush zones or crumple zones that get damaged. We can replace these parts so the car can be driven again. We can rebuild frames when needed and weld parts that support them in metal or aluminum.

iGear has a computerized system that can measure the frame so that we make accurate measurements for our repairs. Our qualified technicians will fix your frame and get you back on the road quickly.

Scratch Repair

Scratch Repair ServicesYou have scratches on your car, truck or SUV that need repair. They might be caused by keys, kids, hitting or scraping against something, accidents, and weather. No matter the reason, we can repair those embarrassing scratches on the body of your vehicle. We have technology to match the paint exactly so that there is no room for error. Our technicians prepare the surface before painting so that it is smooth and spotless.

We can repair scratches on doors, bumpers, hoods, trunks and anywhere a scratch occurs. When we finish it will look like no damage ever occurred. Fix those unsightly scratches on your vehicle today.